Last Minute Christmas – Creative Ideas On A Budget?

Last Minute Christmas - Creative Ideas On A Budget?

When trying to put together low-cost presents for individuals like teachers, next-door neighbors, or church members, you must consider using coffee mugs. Coffee mugs are great since there are a number of various methods of giving them as gifts, depending on who you are giving to. Use these fun and affordable concepts to assist your holiday present list become a little shorter.


If the individual on your list likes sugary foods, then think about taking a beautiful coffee mug and filling it with his or her favorites. You can fill the large coffee mug with sweets, wrap tissue paper or cellophane around it, protect it with a bow, and be finished. This is a charming concept for teachers or church members. It is inexpensive and you can even choose mugs that portray the recipient’s favorite hobby or color. Everybody loves a little candy throughout the vacations. For an extra unique treat, think about making your own homemade sweet for the gift.


As ironic as it might sound, sometimes coffee is the best present to give within a coffee mug. For a pal who cannot resist premium coffee, this can be a easy and fast gift concept. Merely fill a large coffee mug with a little bag or 2 of specialized premium coffee. This is a charming method to give an affordable, yet personal gift. Think about including a special spoon for extra style.

Gift Cards

Think about putting it inside a coffee mug if you are giving a gift card this season and want to discover a way to make it a little bit more fascinating. You can fill the mug with a little tissue at the bottom and after that place the gift card inside. You can also use shredded confetti tissue for filler. This is a great method to give your gift card as well as a cool coffee mug to the recipient. This is best for the coffee or tea drinker. You can fill coffee mugs with a gift card for a regional coffee shop, a restaurant, or anything else. It is also a good way to avoid losing the gift card under the tree. There is less of a possibility it will be unintentionally tossed when it is wrapped in a coffee mug.


Consider filling a pretty coffee mug with little soaps or creams if you need a feminine present that does not cost a lot. You can usually get these for really low-cost prices at your local bath or beauty store. These are ideal for girls as well who like to explore things like lip gloss and other makeup. Just fill the mug and wrap a little tulle around it together with a ribbon for a womanly appearance.


These are just a selection of the ways in which a coffee mug can be used to create the perfect seasonal gift. It is always better to buy a re-useable travel mug — or thermobecher as they are sometimes called — in order to support the environment. But if you do use a disposable, then these suggestions are great for recycling the mugs!

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