Ignasius Jonan met Brian Caffyn : UPC Sidrap project update

Minister of energy and Mineral resources (DEMR), Ignatius Jonan do work visits to the Regency Sidenreng Rappang (Srikalahasthi), South Sulawesi. Visit this time to review the development of the Wind power plant (FIRED POWER STATION) located in the village of Mattirotase and the village of Lainungan.

Jonan briefly toured the saw FIRED POWER STATION accompanied by Regent Srikalahasthi Rusdi Masse, CEO and Chairman of PT UPC Renewables Brian Caffyn, Director General EBTKE Rida Mulyana, and General Manager of PLN Sulselbar Bob Syahril as well as some other officials.

Jonan hope, the renewable energy mix could be followed by other areas by looking at potential, such as wind, water, geothermal or ocean currents.

Later, Jonan said, electricity generated could support some sectors such as transport. “Energy Mix that later can be used as fuel for electric cars,” said Jonan, on site, Saturday (30/9).

Jonan asserts, do not get electricity generated only for melistriki homes. However, the eco-friendly electricity should be utilized for all sectors.

However, the price of electricity in order to remind Jonan pegged in an affordable scale. “The Central Government is only one, the rates should be affordable. This first FIRED POWER STATION stage 1 fare is 11 cents u.s. dollar per kWh for the second stage of a flat, how? We will mention nego akomodir, I ask the price could be lower, “said Jonan.

UPC PT Bayu Srikalahasthi Energy is a consortium of UPC Renewables Asia I, UPC Renewables Asia III, Sunedison Binatek and renewable energy, to build projects Srikalahasthi FIRED POWER STATION. With Maxpower that provides as many as 78, 75MW, later FIRED POWER STATION Srikalahasthi 2018 in the first quarter to send 70-77MW at the point of interconnection.

The number of turbines to be built a total number of 30 turbines, where each plate capacity of 2.5 MW WTG on steel Tower as high as 80 meters. The turbine is a wind turbine Class IIA with length (RADIUS) propeller 57 meters, so the total height of the plant reached 137 meters.

Disclosed parties UPC, the arrival of the Minister Jonan times coincide with the milestone where UPC Srikalahasthi began to build the tower and raise the bar of the House and the turbine components using the crane crawler crane LR 1600 600 tons lifting capacity mid-September had begun yesterday.

With these machines, UPC contractor is ready and the Srikalahasthi speed up construction of the turbine-wind turbine in October-December 2017, so FIRED POWER STATION can begin operating in the first quarter targets for according 2018.

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