Pet Clinic Bills

You love your pet; and you do want to do everything in your power to help the little guy get better when he isn’t feeling well. But of course, it’s only natural to think that the vet bills are likely to become kind of commensurate with his size. But no, the bill for your little guy’s vet visit is likely to be kind of outsize – nearly as high as what you would expect for a human. The average vet bill for your average dog these days is about $250. One for a cat is nearly as high at $200. An emergency room visit for your pet can easily top $750. What do you do though if you don’t have the money? Are only rich people supposed to have a great time with a friendly pet? Well, there are charities, animal welfare organizations and even vets who can help with vet bills when you need a hand.

The first place you need to go to obtain a bit of help with vet bills that you can’t handle is your vet himself. Most vets are animal lovers themselves. They know how hard it can be for families to take care of their little furry friends. Some of them will help by offering you a layaway plan for six months or a year. At other times, they’ll offer to defer the bill until later when you can afford it.

If the kind of treatment your pet needs isn’t an emergency kind of thing, you really could take a few days to look around and do a bit of comparison shopping. If there is a small town not far from the city you live in, you can be pretty sure that the that there are vets there who will charge less for the procedure. The ASPCA and the Humane Society both provide inexpensive treatment options, too.

Know what they say you should do when you need dental care and you can’t afford the hundreds of dollars your dentist charges? You should just go to your local dental college to have student dentists treat you under the supervision of senior dentists. You can do the same thing for help with vet bills you cannot handle. You just need to check on the website of the American Veterinary Medical Association for that schools in your area that can help you.

And then, there are hundreds of animal welfare charities all around the country that you could go to. These are usually breed-specific. Look up the specific kind of dog or cat you have and search online for a charity that’s dedicated to them. They’ll provide you with all kinds of low-cost treatment options.

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